Case Study: Local Business Activation


How to help a local fashion boutique grow its business?




Business mentoring and brand activation


Boutique owner


  • Bi-weekly mentoring sessions combined with assistance with marketing and communications
  • Refined customer journey with new services and a unified web platform
  • Advised Facebook focus for outbound marketing and creation of new proprietary imagery


  • In 2016, at 6 months boutique achieves 100% year on year revenues
  • New social media posts get >200% increase in organic reach
  • New recommended ‘reserve online, try in shop’ service generated immediate revenues
  • Raibu ditches multiple sites for one integrated platform with stronger link to physical store

“Being a business-owner, I feel he’s one of the few consultants who don’t get stuck in abstract unusable concepts. He’s able to translate strategy into hands-on, practical actions that actually work. Brant understand the challenges I face and what my business is about. He’s more than a marketing expert (who by the way knows the theory inside out and how to apply it perfectly next to an outstanding practical common sense approach), his strategic, creative and problem solving skills topped with his commitment is truly inspiring and motivating. A fantastic sparring partner to grow a business with.”
Sau-Han Wong, Owner, Raibu

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