Case Study: Brand Development

TTC Mobile

How to guide a pioneering company in growing their business and brand?


Text to Change / TTC


Consultation regarding proposed brand renaming and development


Company founders and senior executives

  • Series of two half-day BrandStorms with the Founders, Executive Board and senior stakeholders in order to work through their new corporate direction and to evaluate the potential for evolving their brand.
  • Three follow up meetings with the communications team to provide guidance on developing an internal cultural guide, brand book, and for launching the new name and brand identity.
  • Organisation adopted the new name TTC Mobile
  • Senior executives gained further clarity and confidence in their choice of new brand direction and corporate strategy
  • Adopted a more authentic and proprietary brand communications style

“Been a pleasure working with Brant on our company branding!” – Hajo van Beijma, Director & Co-Founder

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