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Brand experience – the most important part of your brand strategy – is not only defined through the consumption of your product or service, but by the quality, style and originality of interactions delivered by your brand touchpoints and communications.

With a selected partner network of designers, web developers, and growth specialists, your new or renewed platforms and communications are developed under one integrated direction to ensure optimal conversion rate and brand consistency.

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Create an integrated brand journey. Through a wide network of carefully selected specialist partners, all components are integrated under one creative direction and plan, covering everything from product packaging, interior design to visual design, web development, UX, apps and marketing materials – all at very non-agency rates. Best of all, for corporate rebranding, small businesses, or startups this ensures your brand is not fragmented and is created with the latest technology, design expertise and thinking.

“When he was working with me, he came up with some very original ideas for new marketing tools and campaigns, some of which we are now developing. Brant also a good colleague: fast, reliable and fun to work with. I can highly recommend hiring him.”

Inez van Korlaar, Director, Elsevier

Do It Yourself… with a little guidance.

For startups, small and local companies, a coaching arrangement is sometimes the only option. Don’t let lack of budget stop you from achieving your goals. Together, a flexible plan can be made to divide up tasks which combined with a hands-on coaching approach ensures that you’ll soon see results of a custom brand plan.

Coaching covers every aspect of your business, from social media do’s and don’ts, website optimisation, business planning, to analysing your customer experience, pricing, and creative ideation of affordable new value-adds, campaigns and tricks to gain leverage with your market.