B is for Brand.

Why do brands matter?

Throughout my career, from marketing assistant, product manager to head of marketing, I’ve experienced first-hand how a clear brand strategy yields many benefits. As an independent, working with clients like Nikon, Suitsupply and Elsevier as well as local and startup businesses, I’ve helped brands grow through better understanding of how a clear brand focus benefits all parts of a business. What I’ve learnt is that your brand is your business, it is the essential foundation that plays an essential role in ensuring every commercial activity is effective. An integrated brand approach delivers rewards not just in customer acquisition and retention, but in employee motivation, shareholder confidence, investor relations, and wider public approval; without it, you’re wasting valuable advantages.


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Brant has high standard of execution and deliver[s] above your expectations. He is a creative and ingenious marketing officer. On a more personal basis, because he is extremely enthusiastic, it is always a pleasure to conduct business with him.Hans de Theye, Relation Manager, Alex Vermogensbank