What makes great brands?

Effective brand activation

bran(d)t is Brant Emery, an independent brand expert specialising in brand communication and activation. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications across b2b and b2c, Brant can help you design and build an engaging brand.

A simple 3 stage approach




Discover your brand.
BrandStorms – workshops – market research – performance audits – brand gap analysis – board level consultations

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Helping Suitsupply’s mobile product team refine their proposition for The Box Office through brand discovery sessions.
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Text to Change

Assisting this pioneering mobile communications provider for NGOs and developing markets in evolving their business.
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PA Architects

Guiding this Rotterdam-based architect bureau through the process of creating a new brand and positioning.
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“I would recommend Brant to anyone who is in need of a strategic thinker who takes any idea to the next level… he manages to pinpoint challenges and turn them into tangible concepts with a critical eye on the business.”Sandra Karis, Intrapreneur, Suitsupply


Build your brand identity.
coaching – brand strategy – styleguides – visual identity – naming – positioning – website development – go-to-market planning

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It’s never too late to build a better brand.

From startups to established companies, a fresh bran(d)t strategy delivers immediate and tangible business results. Refocus your resources, discover new opportunities, outshine your competition, connect to your community, and uplift your enterprise to an emotionally-engaging brand. Brand discovery workshops (BrandStorms) and guided sessions yield this and more.


How can the newly developed medical communications division of Elsevier enter the pharma market and clearly stand out from established market players? Read more.


Social media strategy retainer. Year long placement working with Blast Radius to implement Nikon’s new social media strategy across 27 European countries. Read more.



Give your brand life.
websites – communications – content creation – social media management – direct marketing – copywriting – media relations – events – mentoring

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Make your brand work for you.

The most difficult part of branding is ensuring that your brand is consistently, compellingly, and clearly communicated and ties through to brand experience and customer relations. Making your brand work better for you requires broad tactical experience, a creative approach, and an evidence-based, data-driven mindset… so you’ve come to the right place. Read more.

“Brant is someone you can rely on.
He brings energy, innovative ideas and great thinking to the table.” Iris Kisjes, Senior Manager Corporate Relations, Elsevier
Client Cases
Social Media Mentoring

Coaching Raibu, an Amsterdam-based fashion boutique, in creating their own unique social content and strategy. Read more.

Brand Value Activation

For Elsevier’s global journals division, devised a system to express product strengths and attract valuable new authors. Read more.

winning media coverage

Won feature coverage in top design media for Tjep. & Dutch DNA for launch of new collection at the 2013 Milan Design Fair. Read more.

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